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💬 "Your Trusted Accountants for over 75 Years"

Unveiling the Power of Accountants in Wellington

Embarking on a Financial Journey

In the heart of Wellington, Long + Cowan Chartered Accountants emerges as a beacon of excellence for businesses navigating the complex financial landscape. Founded in 1940, this prestigious firm, led by the visionary Ben Stockbridge, offers a plethora of services designed to transform business challenges into opportunities. Specializing in small to medium enterprises (SMEs), they are not just accountants; they are partners in your financial journey, passionate about charting a course to success.

The Essence of Accounting

“Accounting is the language of business,” remarked Warren Buffett, a testament to the crucial role accounting plays in any enterprise. Long + Cowan Chartered Accountants stands as your interpreter, decoding the complex narratives of financial transactions, ensuring compliance, and facilitating strategic decision-making. Their meticulous attention to financial statements guarantees a comprehensive understanding of your business’s operations, cash flows, and financial position.

Navigating GST Returns with Precision

Avoiding the Pitfalls

GST returns can often feel like navigating a labyrinth, with potential pitfalls at every turn. Long + Cowan Chartered Accountants ensures that your journey is smooth, safeguarding against common mistakes such as premature GST registration or incorrect accounting bases. Their expert guidance ensures timely and accurate GST filings, keeping you in good stead with the Inland Revenue.

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Long + Cowan

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💼 Level 2, 276 Lambton Quay, Wellington, 6011

Long + Cowan | Wellington Accountants

Budgeting: The Blueprint for Success

Charting a Profitable Future

As you envision a prosperous future, Long + Cowan is by your side, offering expert budgeting advice to secure your business’s longevity. Their strategic financial projections serve as a blueprint for success, facilitating informed decision-making and managerial discussions. This forward-thinking approach ensures your business remains adaptable and profitable in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Strategic Tax Planning with Long + Cowan
Optimising Your Tax Position

Taxation, a complex yet essential aspect of business, requires adept management to avoid unforeseen liabilities. Long + Cowan excels in crafting bespoke tax solutions, ensuring compliance, and optimizing your tax position. Their proactive approach to tax planning minimizes surprises and maximizes efficiencies, demonstrating their commitment to your business’s financial health.

Empowering Start-Ups with Expert Guidance

Laying Strong Foundations

Starting a business is a monumental task, filled with challenges and opportunities. Long + Cowan offers invaluable support, guiding you through the intricacies of setting up your enterprise. Their comprehensive services ensure that you navigate the legal landscape with ease, laying a strong foundation for your business’s future.

Business Planning: Vision into Reality

Crafting a Path to Success

Every successful venture begins with a plan. Long + Cowan specializes in transforming your vision into a viable business strategy. Their detailed business plans address critical financial and budgeting considerations, ensuring your enterprise not only survives but thrives in competitive markets.

Cash Flow Forecasting: Ensuring Financial Stability

Mastering Your Financial Future

Understanding the ebb and flow of your business’s finances is vital for stability and growth. Long + Cowan’s cash flow forecasting services offer a window into your financial future, allowing you to prepare for fluctuations in sales and costs. Their expertise ensures that your business remains financially robust, ready to seize opportunities as they arise.

Navigating Foreign Investment Funds

Expertise in Offshore Investments

For businesses and individuals with offshore investments, navigating the complexities of foreign investment funds (FIF) can be daunting. Long + Cowan offers expert advice on tax liabilities and compliance for overseas investments, simplifying the process and ensuring peace of mind.

Xero and MYOB Accounting: Digital Excellence

Embracing Technology for Business Efficiency

In the digital age, Long + Cowan stands at the forefront, offering expert solutions in Xero and MYOB accounting software. Their certification and profound understanding of these platforms ensure that your business benefits from the efficiency and clarity that cloud-based accounting provides.

A Partner in Your Financial Journey

Long + Cowan Chartered Accountants in Wellington is more than a firm; they are partners in your financial journey, dedicated to your success. With a legacy of excellence and a forward-thinking approach, they offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re starting a new venture, planning for the future, or navigating tax complexities, Long + Cowan is the trusted companion you need to ensure financial stability and success.

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